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"I First Met Our Speaker in Second Grade..."
by Sara Schaffer   Introduce Someone Else Like A Pro
"Don't worry," the speaker began, "my talk won't be as long as that introduction!" We all laughed at her comment about the windy and lengthy set up the emcee had given her. We had heard almost all of this woman's life story, and I wondered what she had left to share with us in the presentation!

How does one successfully prepare an audience for a speaker? Ideally, your speaker will have emailed an intro to you prior to the meeting. If however, you need to create something on your own, here are 4 hints to successfully introduce them like a pro!

#1 - Research. To put together a great intro, take some time and get to know the speaker. Go online and look for biographical information on their website. Read articles or books they've written. Email or call them with questions. Discover what background they have that makes them a good fit for this group.

#2 - Write. As you gather info about the presenter, start to compose an introduction that is relevant to the audience. Explain their professional background and credentials. Discuss the reason they were chosen as the speaker for the day. Also, include some other information that adds human interest such as, "Sara is also a marathoner."

#3 - DON'T ramble. If you know the presenter, avoid sharing about everything you know about them. Keep it focused on the event and audience at hand. Conclude your introduction with the title of the talk and their name. When people hear the speaker's name, that will be a cue to them to applaud.

#4 - Rehearse. Once you have a concise, strong intro, stand up and say it out loud. Practicing your introduction will reveal any phrases that read well but may be awkward to articulate. It will also help you introduce the speaker with enthusiasm and confidence!


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Don't turn off your audience by giving an improvised introduction. Take a few minutes to learn something about the speaker and prepare an introduction that will get the audience excited to listen to them. Be brief and enthusiastic, and always end the intro with their name.

The next time you're in a meeting or at an event, listen to the introductions. Take note of the style, content and energy of the presenter and your response to them. When you create and deliver a terrific introduction, you Present Like A Pro!

Is This Worth It?
As I was driving to a talk the other day, I started to question myself. Why was I inching toward the blinding rising sun along with every other commuter in the metro area? Where exactly was I going? Would I get there on time? Why had I chosen such uncomfortable clothes?

And the big question - was this going to be worth it?

As I entered the country club and met the ladies I would be speaking to, I started to feel better. I had found the place with a few minutes to spare. So far, so good.

The meeting began, and I happily enjoyed the quiche and coffee as I listened to the musicians. A few minutes later, it was time to present. The talk went well, and I was rewarded with laughter and smiles from my listeners as I spoke.

The meeting was over a few minutes after my presentation.

As I greeted people leaving the meeting, many had smiles and kind words. Then came a woman who reached out to hug me. As she leaned in, she started to whisper something. She was struggling, and my talk was comforting to her. She didn't feel alone anymore. Someone else understood her hurt.

Somehow, I didn't feel alone anymore, either.

I met several other women that day who lives had been positively impacted by what I shared. I cherished each of their stories as we briefly met at the door. Later as I debriefed the meeting with the chairperson, and she concluded that the morning had been a great success.

As I got in my car to leave, I sat there for a few minutes and said a short prayer of thanks. Despite the uncomfortable clothes, morning traffic, and unfamiliar meeting location, I also had to conclude that it was definitely worth it!

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