December 6, 2005 Present Like A Pro Newsletter
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Don't Forget Your Close (or Clothes!)
by Sara Schaffer   Ending Your Talk with Power
During an interview later in the meeting, the keynote speaker admitted that he had forgotten his close. Confused at first because I heard him say "clothes," I quickly realized he must have been referring to the finish of his talk. He had most of us fooled as he had concluded with polish and power.

How often do we rehearse and fully prepare the ending of our talks? Perhaps the most neglected part of our presentations is the conclusion. Here are 3 tips on how to finish your message with power and Present Like A Pro!

1. Invert your intro. If you have taken the time to come up with a captivating intro, you already have a close. Simply start your conclusion with your main idea, review your main points briefly, and then return to the opening story in the final part of your message. This brings unity and completion to your message.

2. Make it motivational. Another way to end your presentation is with a challenge to your listeners. Give them a task and motivate them to do it! This will be most effective if there is a timeline and other people involved. For example, "I challenge you to offer a smile to at least three strangers within the next two hours."

3. Give it gravity. Add human interest and feeling to the end of your talk. Give your listeners an experience of hope, love, joy, etc. through a well- chosen and prepared story. Clearly show the point of the story and then finish with a meaningful application for your listeners.


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The type of presentation you deliver will in part determine the style of your closing. For a more formal conference talk, you may try the first method. For a meeting or training session, the second tip might work best. If you are giving a heartfelt message, inspire your listeners at the end.

However you choose to finish, be sure to remember your close (and your clothes!) Thoughtfully prepare the content and delivery of your ending. Most importantly, memorize your last line so you can make eye contact with your audience as you finish. When end your talk with power, you Present Like A Pro!

Create A Delicious Talk
  Always Cook with Quality Ingredients
As a surprise a couple of weeks ago, I made waffles for breakfast. My husband smiled as he looked at the golden brown meal and thanked me as he poured the maple syrup. "We have cereal as a back-up," I said before we tried our food.

We each took one bite and my husband twisted his mouth and said, "I'd like some cereal."

As we sat down to our second breakfast, he suggested that perhaps we just needed better ingredients. I appreciated his gracious comment and made a mental note, "Buy waffle mix!"

Have you ever seen a presentation that left a bad taste in your mouth?

We all know when we are seeing someone slick and polished that has somehow neglected to use quality ingredients. The biggest mark of this type of presenter is their ego. They constantly remark about how intelligent, popular, and successful they are. They like to name drop and say the word "I."

Have you seen this speaker? Have you been this speaker?

While I can readily admit to being a poor cook, it's harder for me to take "constructive" feedback at times about my speaking. I know, however, that there are times when I have tried to give a slick presentation. I wanted to appear polished without taking the time to really put together something of quality.

Thankfully these times have been rare, and I have people around me to keep me focused and real.

The next time you are working on your talk, it's important to think about your delivery; but don't forget to always begin with quality ingredients! Know the significance of your talk. Believe in message you are going to share. Above all, keep the audience's needs above your own.

Had my husband stayed quiet or if I'd let my pride get the better of me, we might have actually eaten those terrible waffles!

I also might still be trying at times to impress rather than inspire my audiences. Let's all regularly ask ourselves and those we trust if our presentations are full of quality ingredients. Then we will guarantee that we are consistently creating delicious talks that are easily digested.

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