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Say It in A Sentence
by Sara Schaffer   How to Keep Your Talk & Audience Focused
I did my best to follow the presentation, but I kept getting lost. I looked in vain at the handout in front of me, but nothing on the page matched what I was hearing from the speaker. I decided to just make notes in a separate notebook and sort it out later.

Have you ever left a meeting or presentation feeling more confused than informed? Staying on track is important for both our message and our listeners. Here are 3 keys to keep your talk focused so you Present Like A Pro!

1. Say it in a sentence. Put your entire talk into a single sentence. Eliminate the stories, examples, data and references, and focus on the main idea. When you can articulate your message in one phrase, you can then decide what stories and data are most relevant to proving and explaining this point.

2. Make it memorable. As you compose your outline for your talk, consider how logical and memorable it will be for you and your audience. If it makes sense that b follows a and c follows b, the entire presentation will not only be clear, but also easy to recall later.

3. Stick to the plan. Even if you wake up the day of your presentation feeling like you should talk about something else, it is best to go with what you have planned and prepared. This is especially true if your client and audience are expecting you to address a previously agreed upon topic. Follow your own handouts and stay on track. If you must go to another topic for a time, at least inform your listeners that this is what you are doing.


If you can't write your message in a sentence, you can't say it in an hour. -Dianna Booher

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It can be easy to start talking about whatever is on your mind during a presentation. However, remember that you have been asked to speak about a specific topic. Your listeners will be disappointed if you go off-track or don't give them a clear message.

Consider the main point of what you are going to say. Put that point into a single statement and make the rest of your presentation support and explain your main idea. When keep your talk and listeners focused, you Present Like A Pro!

Tips for A Terrific Toast
  Impress Your Family, Your Friends, and Yourself!
We've all been there. The sparkling cider or champagne has been poured and the group of people looks around expectantly. Suddenly, someone says your name and asks, "Why don't you give the toast?"

You think to yourself, "Why don't I? How about because I have no idea what to say?"

As the eyes of your family or friends turn to you - what are you going to say? Here are several tips for handling such a situation and giving a terrific toast.

First, plan ahead. If you are going to an event where you may be called upon to speak, think about what you might say. Instead of being caught off guard, have some pre-planned thoughts that could work in several different situations.

Secondly, include thoughts about those present. Say a few kind words about the great event you are at and the people involved. For example, at a family Thanksgiving dinner you might say, "I'd like to make a toast to this great family. Though we may not see each other often, I'm so grateful that we can spend this special day together."

Third, keep it simple. Don't go on and on. When you get to the end of an idea, just stop and raise your glass. Also, speak in everyday language, and be yourself. Be polite, sincere, and brief.

Offer to give the toast at your next special event. With a little bit of preparation, you can be ready to create a meaningful moment with your well-chosen words.

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