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Don't Laugh At Your Own Jokes
by Sara Schaffer   And Other Ways to Stop Trying So Hard
I didnít even realize that I had done it until I listened to the recording. Suddenly, right after I told a joke I heard a strange sound. It was my own laughter. Instead of sounding funny, I simply sounded corny.

Do you laugh at your own jokes? Do you have other habits that take away from the power of your presentation? You're not alone. All of us speakers have mannerisms that can distract from our messages. So, here are 3 tips on not trying so hard so you truly Present Like A Pro!

1) Tell the joke and stop. After I realized my speaking mistake, I started to listen to other presenters and funny friends. I noticed that instead of cueing their listeners by laughing, they simply knew how to pause. When you give a laugh line, give people time to laugh in response to what you just said.

2) Donít ask a question repeatedly. Another sign of trying too hard is a speaker who asks the same ďrhetoricalĒ question. Do you know what Iím saying? Does anyone here feel the same way? Has this happened to you? Such questions are fine once or maybe even twice in a talk. More than that, however, you start sounding insecure, redundant, and insincere.

3) Stop pacing. When we feel nervous or just intimidated by a new speaking situation, it can be easy to start pacing back and forth. Instead, decide ahead of time where you will stand at different points in your presentation. By rehearsing your body language along with your talk, you will look and feel more powerful.


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Are you trying too hard in your presentations? If someone tells you that you have a habit or routine that is distracting from your message, listen to them. Donít take such input personally. Simply apply their advice in your next talk.

Learn not to laugh at your own jokes. Also, be aware of questions that you use repeatedly as fillers in your talks. Lastly, donít distract from your message by aimlessly walking back and forth as you speak. When you donít try so hard, you Present Like A Pro!

Successful Spontaneous Presentations
  Observations of A Pro
I attended a writers' conference last week. It was amazing. Each day I had the opportunity to attend three workshops, one class, two general sessions and four networking events. After five days, I was exhausted and happy! I also had the chance to observe many different presenters.

The second night of the event I saw one of the best presenters at the conference.

She wasn't scheduled to be our presenter, but she stepped in when our workshop leader was delayed. She knew the original instructor would soon arrive, so she picked a short tidbit of information about writing to share with us.

As she spoke, the other gentleman arrived and politely listened to the end of her short presentation.

When she finished her brief topic, she moved into a great introduction for the other leader. With grace, she announced him. We all applauded for him as he stepped up to the lectern.

I was impressed by both the short talk she gave and the smooth transition she provided to the other instructor.

It was a great reminder that when we are called upon to speak spontaneously, we can just give what we've got. Her information was a little off-topic from the workshop, but useful nonetheless. If you are filling in or killing time, simply stay positive, upbeat and brief. Be ready to pass the baton when the time comes, but don't be afraid to share what you know in the meantime.

Also, when it is time to bring the next person in front of the group, graciously and enthusiastically introduce them. Generate excitement rather than any disappointment for the audience. Your graceful attitude and transitions will go a long way to a successful experience for everyone!

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