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Speaking on The Level
by Sara Schaffer   How to Talk TO, Not Above or Beneath, Your Audiences
In a recent non-scientific survey of several students, most agreed that they got frustrated when a professor spoke over their heads. I was amazed to find out that they felt insulted by someone being too intellectual. They also admitted they get bored if the topic is too elementary. Either way, the instructor was not connecting with them.

How do we insure that we are speaking to and not above or beneath our audience's intellect? How can we guarantee that we will connect rather than leaving them feeling frustrated or uninterested? Here are 3 hints on how to speak on the level of your listeners and Present Like A Pro!

1. Who's in the audience? Take the time before your presentation to find out who will be listening to you. Ask your contact person about the number of attendees and the demographics of the audience. If you find out ahead of time that you will be talking to a group of managers, for example, that can help focus your talk differently than if you were speaking to a group of interns.

2. What do they expect to learn? If possible, survey not only your contact person, but also a couple of people that will be in the audience. Ask them what they hope to gain from your presentation. Find out what their expectations are ahead of time so you can speak to their needs and level of expertise.

3. What can you teach or share? Once you have a clear picture of who will be hearing your message and what they expect to learn, you can then examine your own expertise. How can you reinforce what they know and then take them to the next level? How can you add to their experience or knowledge in a meaningful way?


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Are your listeners frustrated or bored? Perhaps you are not connecting because you are talking above them. If you are speaking beyond your listeners' knowledge, they may retaliate by getting annoyed. On the other hand, if they seem disinterested, you may not be challenging them enough.

You can insure a great experience for you and your audiences by being prepared. Consider who will be listening to your presentation. Next, find out what they are expecting to learn from you. Lastly, decide what you will be teaching them in this talk. When you speak at the level of your audiences, you Present Like A Pro!

Happy Birthday! (and Thank You!)
  Celebrate with Your Clients & Listeners
Growing up I always liked November. Everyone in my immediate family (aside from me) has a birthday in this month. Grandparents, cousins and an uncle also turn another year older during these thirty days. As a child, I remember lots of get togethers, cake, ice cream, and of course - gifts!

These days, I have to admit that I'm not very good about remembering all those birthdays.

I have to make a deliberate effort to get a card in the mail in time. It's even rarer for family members or friends to actually receive a gift from me. Instead, I usually make a phone call and get an email off that day which says "thinking of you!"

While I may not be great at keeping track of birthdays, I do try to celebrate other special moments with my family and my clients.

It's fun to remember others by sending special thank you notes or gifts when the time is appropriate. If someone has helped or encouraged you - let them know! A personal, short hand-written note can mean a lot - especially when the recipient isn't expecting it.

Writing "thinking of you" cards or notes of appreciation is a great method of celebrating small and large moments with others. Keep a stack of inspirational cards and thank you notes on hand so that it only takes a moment for you to connect with a customer, colleague or family member.

Don't worry about remembering everyone's birthday, but do take time to acknowledge others when appropriate. When you express your appreciation of family, friends, and clients, you not only remember but also celebrate your connection with them.

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