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Speakers’ Blackout
by Sara Schaffer   How to Stay Conscious During Your Own Presentation
I was talking with a coaching client who was thrilled at the audience response to her talk. “Tell me what you experienced while you were speaking,” I curiously requested. “Oh, I don’t remember a word that I said,” was the reply. “But everyone said I was great!”

Do you ever finish a presentation without any idea of what you said? I call that Speakers’ Blackout. You don’t need to take other people’s word for it. Here are 4 tips on how to stay conscious during your own talk and Present Like A Pro!

First, calm down. When we get nervous, we tend to let our anxiety take over. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and go into an auto-pilot speaking mode. Take a few deep breaths as you are being introduced. Then speak with energy and control.

Secondly, look around. As you start speaking, make a conscious effort to see the people in the audience. If the room is dim, deliberately visualize the listeners. Avoid talking from a script in your head or getting lost in your notes. Keep your focus and attention out towards those receiving your message.

Third, think ahead. It’s easy to either talk mindlessly or to think back and wonder “what did I just say?” Instead, practice thinking ahead to the next transition, story, or fact in your talk. Let go of jumbled words, and get ready for the next point you are going to make.

Lastly, listen in. If you start to have a third- person experience, start to intentionally hear what you are saying. Listen not only to your words, but also to your body language. Connect back into your talk. Become fully present in the words and story you are conveying to your listeners.


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Don’t miss a word of your very own presentation! Stay energized and lively by being fully conscious of what you are saying. Be aware of how you are saying it with your voice, gestures and facial expressions.

Speakers’ Blackout is easily cured when you calm down, look around, think ahead, and listen in to your own words. As you make the effort to be fully present when you speak, you will discover that you can not only excite, but truly impact your audiences. Practice staying conscious during your own presentations, and you will Present Like A Pro!

Create A Controversy
  A Key to Wow Your Listeners
As the engineer got up to speak, I was unsure of what to expect. From the very first word however, I was captivated. She explained a problem and made it clear that this was a serious issue in her field. As quickly as she outlined this dilemma, she started to define a solution.

How was she going to solve this issue? I wondered.

She gave an answer, and then proceeded to address the technical matters. I didn’t follow everything, but could tell that this was good. It was a solution that would solve this problem.

She ended the talk with confidence and a smile. A long-standing difficulty in her field was being faced and resolved. She was there with an answer.

She had also given the answer on how to wow an audience.

The key to wow your listeners is to create a controversy. Then, as you make them aware and uncomfortable with the problem, you can save the day with your solution.

Even as a completely non-technical member of the audience, I was captivated by this entire talk. Partly I was interested as a Presentation Coach, but I was also intrigued at how she was going to make something work that had apparently been broken for so long.

What problems can you solve for your listeners and clients? What answers and resolutions can you offer? Consider creating a controversy as a compelling way to construct and deliver your next presentation.

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