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Be Compelling, Not Cliché
by Sara Schaffer   The Secret to Setting Yourself Apart
Have you ever heard a presentation where it felt like you were listening to a string of clichés and old stories? If so, you probably either tuned out part way through the talk or left without much new insight. I usually feel disappointed and a little cheated when this happens.

To avoid a talk that sounds like everyone else, we need to start paying attention to the material in our own lives. When we integrate our life experiences into our talks, we start to become unique. Here are 3 ideas on how to specifically set yourself apart and Present Like A Pro!

1) Notice Everything. As you get up, go to the grocery store, sit in traffic, eat supper, talk on the phone, go to work, and relax - notice everything! Take note of your reactions and thoughts. Don't miss the lessons learned in the in the very mundane, wonderful experiences of life.

2) Track Everything. The next step is keeping track of these everyday gems. Keep a log in a notebook, a word processing file, a list on your PDA, etc. Consider what method of recording and finding this material will work best for you. Set up a system that matches your personality so that you are most likely to use it.

3) Consider Everything. It's easy to overlook the ordinary. It's tempting to think that stories from everyday life are too boring. Here's another secret - it's only boring if it doesn't have a purpose. Give your story a point, and you'll suddenly have new, rich material in your repertoire.


"The best place to look for compelling, original stories is in your own life." -Michael Jeffreys

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Speakers have the privilege of teaching from everyday life experiences. Avoid telling stories and jokes from books, and never share a story from a mass email. These are too common and passé, and they will take away from the power and credibility of your message.

You will start to be compelling when you get creative, not cliché. Notice, track, and think about everything as you look for fresh, unique material for your presentations. As you integrate everyday life into your talks, you will set yourself apart from other speakers and Present Like A Pro!

Meet The Pros - Les Brown (1945- )
  A Brief Bio of A Compelling Speaker
We can learn a great deal about great presentations by watching and listening to others. Starting last week, we began a series on the lives and careers of outstanding speakers. We will "Meet The Pros" from a variety of fields including preachers, CEOs, and motivational superstars.

"If you want to become an original thinker and speaker, it's important that you learn how to become a good listener." -Les Brown

Les Brown is a motivational superstar. He has been named one of the top five speakers in the country and been given The Golden Gavel (their most prestigious award) by Toastmasters International. He has also been honored by the National Speakers Association and makes millions of dollars a year doing keynote presentations.

Here's a little background on the millionaire motivator.

Les was abandoned when he was only three weeks old. He and his twin brother were adopted by Mamie Brown and grew up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Miami, Florida. Les was hyperactive and talkative in school. He frequently visited the principle's office and by fifth grade was labeled "mentally retarded."

His label of being mentally retarded became a reality as he quickly started to get Ds and Fs.

This label was challenged in high school by Les' history teacher. His class lectures and encouragement compelled Les to do better in school. He began to turn his life around and worked to improve his grammar and vocabulary. Later a desire to be a speaker started to stir when he heard Zig Ziglar.

However, it was nine years before Les pursued this desire.

Fear held him back from pursuing his dream. Old labels and thoughts were in his way. Les came to realize that he his fears were baseless. He went to work not only to become a great presenter, but also to overcome his low self-esteem. Through motivational talks and books, Les started to know he was somebody.

His mother and history teacher planted seeds, and Les took the responsibility to grow from a nobody to a somebody.

Les has gone on to become one of the most successful speakers in the country. He is well-known for customizing his presentations to each audience. He believes in listening to his listeners. He does this through extensive preprogram questionnaires and interviews with his clients.

Les Brown has overcome many obstacles to become a true motivational superstar. Whatever your dreams, start today to believe and pursue them. Let the encouragement of others be the seed of your unstoppable growth. Let go of old labels, and become the somebody you were always meant to be.

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