September 13, 2005 Present Like A Pro Newsletter
Inspiring You to Discover, Develop, & Delight in Your Strengths
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Always Get A Standing Ovation
by Sara Schaffer   The Power of Stories
Years ago my Toastmasters mentor lent me a videotape of an inspirational speaker. I noticed that she did not have an outline with points that were emphasized and then supported. Instead, for one hour, she simply told stories. At the very end she made a brief motivational statement and then received a long, enthusiastic standing ovation.

Wouldn't it be great if people always felt compelled to stand in appreciation when we finished presenting? I was in awe of the great response this speaker received from simply telling quaint and ordinary stories. Here are 3 reasons why stories have power to help us all Present Like A Pro!

#1 - Stories invoke emotion. Every audience wants to laugh. All of our presentations are enhanced when we add humor and human interest. Start to notice the fun and touching moments in your life that will make a great story to entertain your listeners.

#2 - Stories create connection. It doesn't matter if we're in sales, leading meetings or giving keynote presentations. We all need to have rapport with our audiences to be most effective. Narratives about our own experiences are a great tool to establish common ground and create a bond with an audience.

#3 - Stories inspire action. Often when we speak we are trying to persuade. We may be trying to change peoples' behavior or motivating them to purchase a product. Help your listeners change and buy through a story that illustrates how their lives will be improved. Whether through a testimonial or personal example, a story can inspire action.


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Do you use stories in your presentations? In addition to the reasons given above, stories are powerful because they are unique to you. You set yourself apart from others in your field when you share your perspective and experiences through great stories.

No matter how good you are, you may not always get a standing ovation. Still, with practice, you can truly touch, connect with, and inspire your listeners on a whole new level. As you add power to your talks with stories, you will Present Like A Pro!

I Knew This Would Happen
  Reflections from The Coach
I don't normally take time to 'blog' via my newsletter, but perhaps you will allow me one exception and a few hundred words to share some thoughts about my week. Since beginning Present Like A Pro, it has been the most challenging time for me to grow the company and keep my life in balance.

I knew this would happen.

Like every entrepreneur, I followed my calling and started my business in the hope that it would become successful. Since the beginning, I have also been determined keep work in its place. I didn't want to ever obsess over my company to the neglect of everything else. I was doing pretty well until this week.

This week work not only spilled over, it flooded most of my waking hours.

At the start of the week, I was doing a pretty good Superwoman impression. I got the grocery shopping and laundry finished while also connecting with clients, rehearsing presentations, and updating my website. I even made sure the dishes were done before kissing my husband goodnight.

That surreal existence lasted until Wednesday.

Wednesday I had an early morning presentation. I showed up stressed out both from my previous Superwoman act and my upcoming days of appointments. I gave an okay talk, but it was a little off. I received a few negative evaluations and felt discouraged. I questioned the reason I do this job.

I had to remember why I was doing this job.

The reason, of course, is to inspire others to discover, develop, and delight in their strengths and gifts. It's on all of my web pages and business cards. I had simply forgotten it. The next morning I had another gig - same talk with a different crowd. This time I showed up ready to give them my talk.

Giving rather than stressing made all the difference.

I received a standing ovation and great evaluations. Overall, it was a great week. I simply had to remember what I already knew:

  • I am here to inspire you to discover, develop, and delight in your strengths.
  • Giving is always more rewarding than performing or working.
  • It's better to feel uncomfortable when things are out of balance than to pretend to be Superwoman.

With that last thought in mind, it's time to get some balance. And some ice cream.

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