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Special Note: Our hearts go out to the many people devastated and affected by the recent catastrophic events in Louisiana and throughout the path of Hurricane Katrina. Our prayers and support are extended for the crisis now and for the journey ahead.

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Take It Up A Notch
by Sara Schaffer   4 Steps to The Next Level of Speaking
A few years ago I heard speaker, Tony Robbins say that when he wanted to get better at speaking, he did talks all the time. He didn't settle for one a month or even per week. He gave the equivalent of several years of presentations (for most of us) in 30 days. He did it by being focused and passionate about improving.

Many of us have the dream Tony Robbins had, but we lack either the passion, motivation or simply the time to pursue it with such abandon. If you are serious about taking your speaking up a notch, here are 4 practical steps to follow. Whatever your pace, take your speaking to the next level and Present Like A Pro!

Step 1 - Evaluate. Be honest about where you are now. How often to you present? In what ways are you most effective? What areas need improvement? Take a moment to evaluate yourself and assess your current skills, talents, and weaknesses.

Step 2 - Set A Goal. Next, determine where you want to be. What do you hope to accomplish? More speaking engagements? More questions at the end of your technical presentation? More clients at the close of a demonstration or party? Perhaps your goal is to eliminate 'ahs' and 'ums.' Whatever you goal, be specific and put it in writing.

Step 3 - Learn from the best. As you work to meet your goals, take time to watch terrific presenters. Notice how they deliver their talks to evoke laughter and emotion. Observe their body language, format, and how you feel as you listen to them. Live is always best, but videos of speakers are also helpful.

Step 4 - Talk your way up. Take a cue from Tony Robbins and speak as often as you can. If you get an invitation - say yes! Work with a coach or mentor, and get in front of an audience frequently. You will find that with each presentation you will gain confidence and get closer to your goal.


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Tony Robbins is now one of the world's most popular, passionate and powerful speakers. He is an inspiration because he is truly no different than you or me. He simply put his dreams into action.

You will take it up a notch when you apply these 4 steps. Start by thinking about where you are now and where you want to go. Next, take time to learn from the best of the best. Finally, speak as often as you can to truly hone and polish your presentations. As you take these 4 simple steps, you will rise to the next level and Present Like A Pro!

From Indifference to Inspiration
  A Coaching Client's Success Story
A couple of years ago I did presentation coaching with a pastor who wanted to be able to communicate his sermons more effectively. He was obviously well-read, well-prepared and had a lot of energy. I was excited to work with him.

I watched him in action during a church service. I immediately noticed that when he came to a particularly poignant statement, he would stuff his hands into his pockets and kind of shrug his shoulders. His words were powerful, but his body language said, "who cares?"

I met with him afterwards and pointed out this contradictory mannerism. Like most of us, he had no idea he was doing something distracting as he spoke. I suggested that he start by simply keeping his hands at his sides or on his notes.

Over the next several months, he became aware and comfortable enough as he spoke to begin adding gestures that reinforced his most important points. Now during a service, I noticed his listeners were attentive, leaning forward, and several were even moved to tears by his powerful message.

It's amazing how changing a simple gesture can add so much impact to one's presentation. What distracting mannerisms do you need to eliminate? To find out, get feedback from a coach or mentor, tape yourself, and watch your audience.

You will see immediate results when you identify and change the small things that detract from your message. Like this pastor, you will go from looking indifferent to being a true inspiration!

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