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Timing Is Everything
by Sara Schaffer   How to Monitor & Maintain Time Limits
Just recently I was told that I could speak for as long as I liked during a keynote presentation. Wow! Usually groups are very specific about the given time allotment for a talk. However, even with this open invitation, I know that I can't talk forever. And I know that my audience can't listen forever.

Observing and monitoring time limits is a key skill of great presenters. You and your listeners will benefit if you stick to your allotted minutes. Here are 3 quick hints to help you Present Like A Pro within a given time limit.

1. Have enough content. Most people tend to have too much material to cover in the time they have been given. The rate at which we speak can vary, but in general, less is more. For example, if you have twenty minutes to talk, have no more than a six page script or ten presentation slides.

2. Have optional content. Always include a paragraph, slide or story near the end of your presentation that can be added or omitted depending on how much time is remaining. Having optional content will offer you the necessary flexibility you need to meet rather than exceed your time limit.

3. Have timed content. It is important for many reasons to articulate and rehearse a presentation aloud. When you do, also time yourself. Notice how long your introduction and various sections of your talk are. Then, when you are with an audience, you will have a feel for how long each portion will be as you are gauging your time.


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Remember, your audience can't listen forever. Become conscientious of the time as you speak. Discover how long it takes you to get through a certain number of pages, bullet points or presentation slides. Have someone assist you as you rehearse and time your talks.

Timing is everything if you want to make the most impact with your listeners. As you develop discipline and awareness in this area, you will become a more confident and polished presenter. Learn to stay within time limits, and you will Present Like A Pro!

Television Training
  How to REALLY Get Results
Did you know you can learn to play piano by sitting on the couch and watching TV? I was amazed one day when I stumbled across a show where someone was teaching a piano lesson that way. How does this work? I wondered as I watched.

I have a background in music education, so I skeptically tuned in to part of the program. What I discovered is that you can learn enough about music and the piano to be able to play. It made me wonder...

What other things could we learn to do as couch potatoes? Public speaking perhaps? Wouldn't it be great if we could just take a class and BE great piano players? or great presenters?

Of course, learning about something can only take us so far. To truly be great, we need to engage. To learn to play piano, we're going to need to (you guessed it) play the piano! And, to become truly effective, dynamic speakers, we will need to speak!

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -Will Rogers

So, today, instead of just reading this newsletter, put it into practice. Take an idea from today or from a past issue and integrate it into your next talk. If it works the first time - great! But don't give up if you find like most of us that you need to practice to REALLY get results!

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