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Follow The Sound of My Sultry Voice...
by Sara Schaffer   Convey A Powerful Message with Your Tone of Voice
I love the scene in the movie Monsters, Inc. when Mike leads his friend Sulley by the hand to a surprise. "Follow the sound of my sultry voice," Mike says to his blindfolded buddy. His quiet husky tone builds the anticipation. A moment later when the mask is removed, Mike yells loudly and brightly, "TA DA!"

You may not speak in a sultry voice to your listeners, but consider how the tone in which you speak effects your audience. Here are 4 insights on how to use the tone of your voice to powerfully convey your message and Present Like A Pro!

1 - Tone conveys confidence. Think about how a timid speaker sounds. Their quiet, shaky and thin tone is clearly unable to get a strong message across. Even when you are nervous, speak with a smile and an upbeat lilt in your voice. Doing so will portray confidence to your listeners and build it in you.

2 - Tone conveys credibility. A low mumbled voice is not only hard to hear but also hard to believe. Speak up and out to a whole room to demonstrate subject mastery. Don't yell. Rather, speak in a conversational tone projected to the entire room to best display the command of your topic.

3 - Tone conveys content. If you discuss a fun topic with a serious tone, you send a mixed message to your listeners. Humor and poignant moments need to be delivered with the appropriate tones of voice to have the greatest impact on your audiences.

4 - Tone conveys conviction. Passion is conveyed not only through words and body language, but also through the sound of your voice. To truly motivate and inspire your audiences, energize your words and speak with enthusiasm. How captivating is your message if someone were merely listening and not watching you?


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With what tone of voice to you speak to your audiences? Have someone else listen and tell you how you sound. By focusing on your tone, you will find new ways you to communicate with your listeners. Like Mike in the movie, you will soon be able to tell them to follow the (sultry) sound of your voice!

Remember the impact that your tone of voice has on an audience. As a well-known study has found, people receive communication 55% from body language, 7% from our words and 38% from our tone of voice.* Express confidence, credibility, content and conviction with your tone. Convey a powerful message through the tone of your voice and you will Present Like A Pro!

*from a study done by Dr. Albert Mehrabian of UCLA

A Way of Communicating
  Wisdom from An Old Chair
On a recent trip back to the Midwest my husband and I had a chance to visit my grandma at her lake cabin. Almost everything was in the same place as it had been when I was a little girl. As I looked around, I was delighted to see the old orange recliner sitting in the living room.

My grandpa used to sit in that old recliner for hours.

Suddenly I was four years old and standing in front of grandpa talking and listening. I could almost hear him yelling to Grandma in the kitchen and the creak in the springs of the cushions as he rocked back and forth.

I sat down in the chair that had somehow shrunk with time and began to rock.

I moved steadily to and fro on the recliner as I recalled those days of my childhood. Grandpa was always a mystery to me. Why was he yelling? What was he yelling? Had I done something wrong? His loud strong voice was so common that most of the time it didn't upset me. I knew it was just his way of communicating with us.

Yelling was his way of communicating until it was time to leave.

When I crawled on his lap or stood by the chair to say good-bye, grandpa turned his head so I could give him a kiss on the cheek. Then he would quietly whisper "good night now" as he hugged me.

I suppose it's easier to be gentle when saying good- bye than it is in everyday conversations.

I'm glad we had the chance to see Grandma, the cabin, and that old orange recliner. I'm also grateful that I had a chance to think back and remember. It made me question - what is my way of communicating? How will others remember my voice in this world?

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