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Another Perspective
by Sara Schaffer   Speaking from A Different Point of View
As I watched the news the other night, I noticed a difference between the stories that were told only from the news desk and those given with an interview in the field. For example, each time I heard about the space shuttle, I was somewhat interested. When I heard the shuttle commander start speaking, however, I would stop what I was doing, look at the TV and really listen.

When giving a presentation, we are often reporting from a distant point of view. At times, it can be fun and interesting to speak to our audiences from another angle. Here are 3 ways give a talk from a different perspective and Present Like A Pro!

1) Speak in first person. Instead of describing someone else's thoughts, become that person for your audience. Use their mannerisms, voice and words as your own to engage and entertain. You may do this for an entire talk, but you could also do it briefly with a quote.

2) Speak in character. Instead of simply quoting an individual, add gestures vocal inflections, and body language to create a complete experience for your listeners. You can speak in third person, but embody the essence of the other perspective. For example, if you quote a child, use a childlike voice and demeanor.

3) Speak in costume. Use props to help you become another person for your listeners. A white coat can make you a scientist. A red nose transforms you into a clown. Consider whose point of view could enhance the message you are sharing. Then, dress the part as you share their insights.


Is there another perspective that could add insight to your presentation? Add a new dimension to your presentations by working with a Presentation Coach. Contact Sara for more information at 303.439.4014 or sara@presentlikeapro.com.


A reporter offers a distant and informational view of a story. When they interview someone involved in the events, they make it personable, meaningful, and interesting. You can do the same by expressing your topic from a different viewpoint.

By speaking from another point of view, you offer deeper meaning and greater interest on your subject. Speak in first person. Add a costume or act out the words of another person. Make your talk come alive by giving your message another voice. When you speak from a fresh perspective, you will Present Like A Pro!

Identity Crisis
  Knowing And Celebrating Your Strengths
I was sitting on the couch feeling completely inadequate. The check out person at the grocery store had made a comment that was sticking with me. "Looks like mom is going on strike!" she said happily as she scanned my frozen and boxed food items.

I shot her a look from across the register. I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't take it well. I also had no idea what to say. Several thoughts came to mind...I'm not a mom...No I don't really cook, but I my husband loves me. And the most clever - SO?!

Now at home with my "groceries" safely in the freezer and pantry, I pondered this comment. Why did it bother me? Because I don't have children? Because I can't cook? Because I don't feel like a normal woman? Aha - that was it. I wasn't Susie Homemaker.

Did I need to be Susie Homemaker?

I started to consider this question less emotionally and more realistically. As I thought about it, I remembered that it's my heart, not my cooking that makes me who I am. I'm not a great cook, but I can make a large room full of people laugh and cry. I can inspire and motivate. I can love.

What can you do?

Many people I work with don't consider themselves great speakers or motivational presenters. They may be an engineer or a sales person, and presentations are part of the job. From my perspective, however, we can offer others the expertise we do have through public speaking.

Coming soon, I will be sharing with you how to share your knowledge and services through the art of storytelling. If you are unsure of your speaking skills or an already confident presenter, you will soon get a recipe for becoming great and inspirational. For now start to think about what you are great at doing.

The next time I go grocery shopping I will probably have a cart full of more pre-made, ready to heat & serve items. I won't, however, be ashamed of it. After all, instead of spending my time ruining a recipe, I will be crafting my next talk or newsletter. I will be celebrating my strengths.

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