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In the June 21st issue, I discussed the benefits of evaluations. For example, they offer us feedback on our speaking effectiveness. They also give us a means to stay connected to people interested in our services and products. For a free sample evaluation form, simply click here.

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And Now We'll Hear from YOU!
by Sara Schaffer   How to Deliver Unexpected Presentations Like A Pro
I was walking through the cemetery to tell my friend I was there for the memorial service. On my way, her family members were stopping me to say how glad they were to see me. By my third conversation, I realized that I was going to be the one giving the message at the service that was starting graveside in only a few minutes!

Have you ever been called on to do a presentation at the last minute? Perhaps you have been given the floor to introduce yourself or explain a project with no advance notice. How do we handle such situations? Here are 4 steps on how to deliver an unexpected talk and Present Like A Pro!

#1 - Start with a summary. Restate your introduction. For example, your boss may have just said, "Please tell us about Project Z." You then can open with, "Thank you. It will be my pleasure to discuss Project Z with you and the work we have done on it to date."

#2 - Create a simple outline. Think in an outline format as you spontaneously introduce your topic. Some generic outlines that can be adapted for such talks are:

  • Past, Present & Future
  • Problem & Solution
  • Three Highlights
For example, "Three key benefits of Project Z are..."

#3 - Explain your points. Once you have set up an outline, you can talk point-by-point on the topic. "The first benefit of Project Z is..." You may not know what the highlight or benefits are until you're saying them, but trust yourself. Most likely you have at least a little more knowledge than the people to whom you are speaking.

#4 - Finish with a summary. Once you have gone through your points, you can conclude with a brief summary. Reiterate the main ideas you just stated. Close with a clear, final statement. "As you can see, we have several great reasons to be excited about Project Z." Resist the temptation to add filler comments like "I guess that's all I have" or "That's it from me." Such add-ons weaken any presentation.


Are you able to give spontaneous presentations like a pro? Working with a Presentation Coach immediately adds more power and impact to your presentations. Contact Sara for more information at 303.439.4014 or sara@presentlikeapro.com.


When asked to speak at the memorial service, I quickly thought of several stories to share. My outline was basically past, present and future. The loss of the past, the grief and healing in the present and the hope for the future. I ended with a simple statement about hope and then just let there be silence until my friend said something to the group herself.

The next time people look to you for a speech at a meeting or event, have confidence. Think of a quick outline, give details on each point, and conclude with a summary of what you just said. The next time someone calls on you to deliver a spontaneous talk, you will Present Like A Pro!

Who Are You?
  Creating A Powerful Introduction of Yourself
One of the most stressful moments in speaking can be when we are called upon to talk about ourselves. Fortunately, this is one presentation that you can prepare ahead of time. You can write and rehearse it so that when the time comes, you'll introduce yourself like a pro!

Start with your name and title. It may be obvious, but I have been guilty of starting to talk without giving this basic information. Give your first and last name along with your position and company if appropriate. My name is Sara Schaffer. I am a Presentation Coach & Motivational Speaker, and founder of Present Like A Pro, Inc.

Give a brief description of your work. Describe what you do in a some detail. This is important because some titles such as "engineer" can encompass a variety of skills and jobs. I assist people in developing their public speaking skills. I also do training and inspirational speaking for corporate and community groups.

Speak plainly. If you have a highly specialized job, be especially careful to describe it in simple terms. After all, the point is to help people understand what you do. I meet with individuals and groups to help them become confident and effective speakers.

When appropriate, promote your business. If you are in a setting where you can make a contact with a potential client, be ready to do so. Do you do presentations? I would love to send you my free weekly e-zine; do you have an email address?

Close with conviction. Lastly, end with a clear and powerful statement. This can include the purpose or mission of your work to you and/or your company. Overall, it is my passion to help people become better communicators so they can succeed in their work and their lives.

Once you put together a powerful compact introduction, take the time to practice it aloud. Keep it brief and memorable. Rehearse it in front of friends or a coach to find any awkward phrases or transitions. Also, practice speaking with energy and confidence. Run through it until you can smoothly introduce yourself and Present yourself Like A Pro!

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