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Down to The Last Detail
by Sara Schaffer   How to Effectively Present The Particulars
Since last August I have lived in the mountains. When I look out the window, I can either focus on the lodge pole pines in my own yard or gaze beyond them to the forest on the mountains around me. I can also choose to see both perspectives simultaneously.

In most presentations we need to have a view of both the overall message and specific points. It takes skill to deliver the details so that they are meaningful and memorable to your listeners. Here are 3 tips on how to present the particulars like a pro!

1) Stay on topic. As you get into details, it can be easy to tangent into uncharted and unnecessary information. For example, you might begin to discuss how a current product compares to items of the past, but such information may not be relevant to this talk. Consider and stick to the details that are significant to your present audience.

2) String ideas together. If you have a number of specifics to present, consider how they relate to one another. Are you talking about particular action steps? product features? benefits? Like a coat rack, offer a common theme so your listeners have a place to hang the details.

3) Simplify whenever possible. When you have a lot of knowledge and experience, it can be hard not to share everything you know about a topic. Too many details, however, can overload and overwhelm your audience. Instead, allow time for your listeners to ask questions if they want further descriptions.


Do you get lost in the details when you speak? Do you have trouble deciding what is most important to discuss? Working with a Presentation Coach immediately adds more power and impact to your presentations. Contact Sara for more information at 303.439.4014 or sara@presentlikeapro.com.


Which perspective do you prefer? Depending on our individual personalities, we tend to either favor the details or the big picture. If you are more detail-oriented, be conscious of giving your main ideas clearly to your listeners. If you tend to be more bottom-line, remember the richness that descriptive specifics can add to your talk.

In summary, details can enhance the meaning of your presentations. Stay on track with your main message, group details together for easy listener comprehension, and keep the specifics simple. When you prepare your talk down to the last detail, then you Present Like A Pro!

She's Got Character
  A Coaching Client's Success Story
She stood in front of her colleagues in tears. It was her first speech at Toastmasters, and she couldn't explain why she had suddenly become so emotional during her talk. Despite any attempts to stop, she just kept crying.

Such an experience might mean the swift beginning and end of any public speaking for a lot of people, but not for her. Rather than call it quits, she called a presentation coach! We began working together, and I immediately noticed her charm and humor. I encouraged her to have fun and let out that hilarious side of her personality.

For her next Toastmasters talk, she decided to describe the life and career of Mae West. It was a perfect choice as it allowed her capitalize on her strengths. She could be funny! Donned in a feathered hat and purple boa, she made everyone laugh as she boldly shimmied and winked her way through the speech.

The group was wowed by her flamboyant attitude after they had previously seen her reduced to tears. What caused her turn around? I believe it was her character. Not only was she somewhat in character, but she also let her strong humor and fun personality shine through in her presentation.

Have you had a horrible speaking experience? Perhaps you have wanted to cry or give up in the midst of a presentation. Don't let it stop you from ever speaking again. Simply take a step back. Get input and encouragment from a coach. List your strengths and build your next talk on them.

To discover your full speaking potential, work with a Presentation Coach. Through one-on-one coaching, you will quickly advance your speaking skills. Capitalize on your existing talents and strengths. Let your character come through your presentations and wow your audiences.

For a complimentary consultation, contact me today at sara@presentlikeapro.com or 303-818- 2509.

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