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Create A Memorable Experience
by Sara Schaffer   How to Wow Your Audiences
A friend of mine, Ray Maas, has written a book called "How to Wow The One You Love." It's full of tips on how to do just that. Recently at lunch he told me a few stories of how he had wowed his wife. As he spoke, I was amazed at his gift for creating special, memorable experiences.

As speakers, we have the privilege and responsibility of doing the same for our listeners. Each time we have an audience, we have the opportunity to wow them. Here are 3 ideas about creating a memorable experience as you Present Like A Pro!

1. Build excitement. Make your enthusiasm obvious. Use facial expressions, body language, and an upbeat tone of voice to help your audience see and experience your energy. Get your listeners involved with a special activity such as a prize drawing or tossing gifts (such as candy) into the crowd.

2. Create anticipation. One important aspect of a special experience is the anticipation leading up to it. In speaking, we do that best through storytelling. Start your presentation with a story. Next, transition into the body of your talk. Then, return to your story at the end. This part of the tale should be surprising as it illustrates the main point of your presentation.

3. Add emotion. Whether you are giving a business or inspirational talk, emotion is key to creating a positive experience. Add humor or touching stories as appropriate to connect with your listeners. People may not remember the exact words we say, but they will recall if they were laughing or yawning.


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When his wife went on vacation with some friends, Ray gave her a package with instructions. She had to open it at dinner with her friends on the last night of the trip. With great anticipation, she opened her gift and found a book with a special bookmark - a $50 bill!

Wowing an audience is fun. Get creative and think about how you can build excitement, create anticipation, and add emotion to your next talk. Purposefully develop a special event for your listeners. When you create a memorable experience for your audiences, you Present Like A Pro!

It's Already January
  Realizing Your 2006 Goals
Last year I was telling a friend about my business plans for Present Like A Pro. I was excited about the yearly goals I had set. I anxiously told her about how and why I was going to accomplish them. My laid back friend finally looked at me and said, "Yes, you'd better get going on those. It's already January!"

Her witty remark made me realize how impatient I was.

As I start on my 2006 goals, I am feeling more patient this year. In part that's because of the wisdom of my friends and colleagues. I am also more accepting that it takes time to accomplish big goals and realize dreams. As I look back on last year, I see how the many small steps I took helped me arrive at my overall 2005 objectives.

Reflecting on that experience, I know now that true learning and living takes place on the path towards my achievements.

Have you created resolutions, goals or plans for 2006? Are you working now to see them become reality? Do you have confidence that you will reach them? If not, why not? If so, why?

Take time to consider where you want to be in twelve months. See where you want to be in year and start to enjoy the journey towards your goals. Don't wait; take a few minutes right now to write down some thoughts. After all, it's already January!


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